I am circling It has been so long That I can no longer remember What solid ground feels like, Nor want to I am just now rounding out The closest part  Of my elliptical course During which I ...READ MORE

Ode to a Sunny Day in St. Petersburg

November means winter, dark and cold and ice, And it means clouds, behind which our light hides, But one day differed from all the colder rest; The sun came out, and with us brightness blessed. ...READ MORE

The Aeneid Reboot: Chapter 1

The glass windows are being pelted by white crystals from whipping winds. Dido’s sofas, walls, cabinets and bedsheets are milky, but cobwebbed in black patterns.  Dido sits on the edge of the bed, he...READ MORE

St. Olaf Sentiments: April 14, 2017

This past weekend, St. Olaf’s campus overflowed with excited high school students visiting for the first of two Admitted Student Days. Herds of potential customers descended Friday night through Satur...READ MORE

Isle of Skye