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2013-2014 Manitou Messenger Staff

Staff MemberStaff Position
Solvejg WastvedtExecutive EditorSee Solvejg Wastvedt's profile
See Solvejg Wastvedt's profile
Amy LohmannManaging EditorSee Amy Lohmann's profile
See Amy Lohmann's profile
Laura WhitakerVisual DirectorSee Laura Whitaker's profile
See Laura Whitaker's profile
Hannah RectorPhotography EditorSee Hannah Rector's profile
See Hannah Rector's profile
Ashley BelisleNews EditorSee Ashley Belisle's profile
See Ashley Belisle's profile
Kate FridleyNews EditorSee Kate Fridley's profile
See Kate Fridley's profile
Amy MihelichOpinions EditorSee Amy Mihelich's profile
See Amy Mihelich's profile
Emily StetsOpinions EditorSee Emily Stets's profile
See Emily Stets's profile
Stephen NolanSports EditorSee Stephen Nolan's profile
See Stephen Nolan's profile
Jessica MoesArts & Entertainment EditorSee Jessica Moes's profile
See Jessica Moes's profile
Andrew WilderArts & Entertainment EditorSee Andrew Wilder's profile
See Andrew Wilder's profile
Ellen SquiresOff-the-Hill EditorSee Ellen Squires's profile
See Ellen Squires's profile
Kristine LindellCopy EditorSee Kristine Lindell's profile
See Kristine Lindell's profile
Kassandra DiPietroCopy EditorSee Kassandra DiPietro's profile
See Kassandra DiPietro's profile
Elena ChristensenCopy EditorSee Elena Christensen's profile
See Elena Christensen's profile
Katie HansonCopy EditorSee Katie Hanson's profile
See Katie Hanson's profile
Zach GreimannOnline EditorSee Zach Greimann's profile
See Zach Greimann's profile
Katie SiegerOnline EditorSee Katie Sieger's profile
See Katie Sieger's profile