SGA general election results

On Thursday, March 7, students went to the polls to elect their student government representatives for the 2013-2014 school year after Tuesdays primaries. John Schwirtz 14 and Wendy Raymond 14were elected as SGA president and vice president. Full election results are below, as reported

SGA President and Vice-President

John Schwirtz and Wendy Raymond:642

Gina Tonn and Nick Stumo-Langer:623

ADC Coordinator

Erin Hynes:673

Jillian Riley:581

BORSC Coordinator

William Raun:702

Katie Pierce:626

SAA Coordinator

Bailey Williams:585

Ari Olsen:532

DCC Coordinator

Kayla Dharampaul:1239

MEC Coordinator

Connor Petersen:661

Maddie Crowley:628

The Pause Co-Coordinator

Shane Allen and Becca Strommen:1299

PAC Coordinator

Rachel Palermo:846

Alex Everhart:536

SAC Coordinator

John Bruer:1263

SOC Coordinator

Dan Frankenfeld:1194

VN Coordinator

Anna Christianson:1223

Student Life Committee Senator

Kyle Obermann:909

Brandon Cash:405

Faculty Life Committee Senator

Mitch Kampf:652

Michael Gallagher:464

Curriculum Committee Senator

Evan Davis:1217

Faculty Governance Committee Senator

Stephen Crouser:1193

Intercampus Liaison

Alesa Boyle:1198

Environmental Senator

Sonja Smerud:1166

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