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Student of the Week

Name: Tess Halac ’15

Majors/Concentrations: Sociology and Anthropology, Womens and Gender Studies concentration

Activities: Team member and Captain of Fun for Durga Ultimate, Secretary for SOLAS St. Olaf Leaders Abolishing Slavery and Volunteer Coordinator for STO Talks

Tess Halac was the Volunteer Coordinator for the fourth annual STO Talks. STO Talks debuted in 2012 as the college’s version of TED Talks. Halac was an intricate part of STO Talks’ success this year, working tirelessly behind the scenes. She spoke to the Manitou Messenger about annual lecture series.


Q: What does STO Talks offer the St. Olaf community?

A: STO Talks gives St. Olaf a chance to hear some of our community’s most exciting and innovative ideas from a wide array of fields. It also provides a vehicle for Oles to give voice to an idea that they are passionate about or think the campus needs to hear.

Q: Why are you involved with STO Talks?

A: I am a member of STO Talks because I believe in its mission — connecting Oles aroundpowerful ideas that stimulate thinking, reflection and action. I attended the very first STO Talksconference during my freshman year and was blown away by it; my goal as a committee memberis to give that experience to other people.

Q: What future do you see for STO Talks?

A: In terms of STO Talks, I hope to see the conference grow – we have even discussedcollaborating with Carleton and/or Northfield community members as a way to further diversifyour talks and foster connectivity and collaboration. We hope to continue to familiarize studentswith the conference so that it can become a highly anticipated annual event. As for St. Olaf, Ihope that STO Talks can initiate and encourage important dialogue and positiveaction throughout the campus. Change starts with an idea, and I hope the STOTalks conference can be a meaningful platform to set it into motion.