Saturday, November 16, 2019

Frozen Chimes

My girls

Moses’ Story

Golden Wheat

Autumn Breeze


From whirling winds, troubled seas It comes as a gentle breeze But still sweeps the mightiest kings It stalks and it creeps, It crawls and it leaps It ebbs...


A week  and a half  after  I turn  19 I see more worms  than  I  had  seen  collectively ever previously  in  my  entire  life. I’m sad  that  so  many  are  flat.   About  2  and a half  years  later,  I see about as many worms  outside a different dorm.  I watch  one  or two  on the puddle-riddled sidewalk. They...


Girl in the Society

One, take a shower and get into every inch of your body Two, take a dress that won’t make you feel any good, but you...