I Miss Ya


Snow is Disgusting: a Reverse Poem

(to be read forwards and backwards) Snow is disgusting And I pity those that say Snow is magical and beautiful For I know that Those delicate, soft flakes freeze Like...

Little Mystic – Poem by Iain Carlos ’20

To sit in a cave and hear sound begot of sound The gorgeous echo. A caterpillar Bursts out of its chrysalis Now a butterfly. I am a moonpointer I am a...

St. Olaf Sentiments

Loving learning. Hating school. This semester I am taking on a project I have not done before – an independent study. My goal is to...


is it vain to wish that our veins looked as pretty as that of a leaf?                       Poem and Photos By Juliana Goldman ’21

sleep, its all in your mind

a yoyo in my hand for a second you on my pillow for a brief moment my heart in a foreign hand, knotted and thrown connected, close and separate enough to be...