Horror Scopes



I Miss Ya


is it vain to wish that our veins looked as pretty as that of a leaf?                       Poem and Photos By Juliana Goldman ’21

sleep, its all in your mind

a yoyo in my hand for a second you on my pillow for a brief moment my heart in a foreign hand, knotted and thrown connected, close and separate enough to be...

Untitled (12/7)

Dream gasp   in a Moonchild’s wasteland. That amaranthine bay so very far away. Where the Waves no longer crash upon the coarse Earth for they both understand that...

Is it stupid to startle at the sight of a man?

When toothless wind moves its mouth across your back, Dredges up something dusky, dim, and primal, And you can feel the dark figure from yards away. Might...

i’ll take “BUSY, BEAUTIFUL, BADASS” for $800, please

Your breath and mine ran away together through dew-covered grass  and was felt by the mud and the rock, seen by the owl on the branch, chilled by...