Wednesday, November 13, 2019


Two Poems

The Dandelion.


Girl in the Society

One, take a shower and get into every inch of your body Two, take a dress that won’t make you feel any good, but you...

Ode to a Sunny Day in St. Petersburg

November means winter, dark and cold and ice, And it means clouds, behind which our light hides, But one day differed from all the colder rest; The...

Autumn Breeze

My mind is afire like the path in front. I see flashes of yellow, orange and red Thoughts turn black, There is no going back. My head is cluttered like...


is it vain to wish that our veins looked as pretty as that of a leaf?                       Poem and Photos By Juliana Goldman ’21

The Game of Life

Look around you, not at yourself. If you haven’t noticed, you aren’t alone. Look around at the People, People who love, support People who inspire, challenge People who drain, hurt You. You are not Alone.  The...