Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Autumn Breeze


Girl in the Society

Befriending me


After a stressful day of emotions, I often feel confused and defeated. Stargazing is a great healing potion, making me feel like I have been treated. Sometimes when...

The Game of Life

Look around you, not at yourself. If you haven’t noticed, you aren’t alone. Look around at the People, People who love, support People who inspire, challenge People who drain, hurt You. You are not Alone.  The...


Blue skies and tall trees A cool breeze and loud laughter True peace in my ‘mock


Existing we are human beings we know how to love, hate cry, yell, smile, laugh work, sing, dance, play live we are human beings who have invented, created, supported, led, helped,...

I’ll Sing to You

By Anonymous I’ll Sing to You In your backyard, a summer night, we sit and talk and dream and hope. In your backyard, in dying light, warm wind upon...