Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Autumn Breeze


Girl in the Society

Befriending me

Snow is Disgusting: a Reverse Poem

(to be read forwards and backwards) Snow is disgusting And I pity those that say Snow is magical and beautiful For I know that Those delicate, soft flakes freeze Like...

Little Mystic – Poem by Iain Carlos ’20

To sit in a cave and hear sound begot of sound The gorgeous echo. A caterpillar Bursts out of its chrysalis Now a butterfly. I am a moonpointer I am a...


is it vain to wish that our veins looked as pretty as that of a leaf?                       Poem and Photos By Juliana Goldman ’21


I am circling It has been so long That I can no longer remember What solid ground feels like, Nor want to I am just now rounding out The closest...

Ode to a Sunny Day in St. Petersburg

November means winter, dark and cold and ice, And it means clouds, behind which our light hides, But one day differed from all the colder rest; The...