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Avery Ellfeldt – Executive

Avery is from Denver, Colo, and majors in Intercultural Communication and Spanish. When not obsessing over moot editorial details in the Mess office, Avery enjoys bug-hunting in the natural lands and waking up for the occasional early-morning sunrise. After graduating, she plans to  peruse the southern hemisphere, and maybe find a job.
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Anders Mattson – Managing

Anders is from Dana Point, CA and is probably drinking a double espresso. He is a senior, majoring in English & Philosophy with a Film Studies Concentration. Anders’ passion is story development, and is looking forward to a career in the entertainment industry.
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Kailey Favaro – News

News editor Kailey Favaro is from Crystal Lake, IL. She is majoring in English with a media studies concentration. Apart from her love of writing, Kailey enjoys singing in Chapel Choir, watching cheesy romantic comedies and consuming large amounts of tea. She hopes to one day work for a magazine, travel the world and own a big, white, fluffy dog.
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Sam Carlen – News

News editor Sam Carlen is an economics and mathematics major with a Statistics & Data Science Concentration and a love for writing and journalism. In his free time, Sam enjoys exercising, reading about philosophy and psychology, and consuming questionable amounts of cookie dough ice cream. After college, he hopes to stay off the streets and secure a job of some sort.
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Skye Nguyen – Opinions

Skye Nguyen is an English and Education major from Hanoi, Vietnam. After 4 years of flying back and forth between Vietnam and the U.S., she still cannot get used to the 25-hour flight and the jet lag that follows. She enjoys caffeinated drinks, nature walks and stargazing without being interrupted by bugs and mosquitoes.
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Alexa Johanningmeier – Opinions

Opinions editor Alexa Johanningmeier is an English and Sociology/Anthropology double major with a concentration in Race and Ethnic Studies. Alexa likes to spend her free time reading, hiking, curating Spotify playlists, and thinking about thinking. She fancies herself a film and television aficionado and a writer; once she graduates she hopes to combine these passions in pursuit of an MFA in screenwriting.
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Isabel Galic – Variety

Isabel is a senior Sociology/Anthropology and Psychology major at St. Olaf. Her variety of interests include dancing, drinking tea, and looking at the stars preferably all at the same time. After graduating, Isabel hopes to either go to graduate school in public health or be a farmer on a mountain.
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Jack Schoephoerster – Multimedia Director

Jack Schoephoerster is a Norwegian major with concentrations in film, media, and Nordic studies. Hailing from the quaint town of Fayette Missouri, Jack hopes to one day be a dinosaur when he grows up. If that doesn’t work out, then he will probably just continue on with his studies in film.

Simon Stouffer – Multimedia Director

Simon Stouffer is a Filmmaking and Environmental Studies Major from Ely, Minnesota. He enjoys talking about coffee while drinking it. His other pursuits include hiking, skiing and photography. He hopes to one day direct documentaries and films based in environmental advocacy.

Mickaylie Bade – Arts & Entertainment

Mickaylie Bade is an English major with a Management Studies concentration and a Women’s and Gender Studies Concentration. During her free time,  Mickaylie enjoys going on walks, working out, eating, and reading.
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Travis Fauchald – Sports

Travis Fauchald is currently a junior studying both Economics and English from Chaska, Minnesota. He enjoys basketball,  fantasy football and being outside with his dog. You may see him down at Skoglund at basketball practice or scarfing down food in the caf. If you see him don’t hesitate to say hey – he really does love talking to people. Trav has absolutely no idea what he wants to do in life, but regardless, he will be goofing around and having a good time.
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Iain Carlos – Senior Reporter

Iain Carlos is a Philosophy and Religion double major with an interest in morality rooted in sentience. He enjoys playing the guitar, singing, and writing. After graduation, Iain hopes to enjoy careers in academia and journalism.
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Matt Bourque – Copy

Matt Bourque is a Political Science and Education double major from rural Maine. When he’s not running in the natural lands, you can often find him serving massive ice cream scoops at work downtown. After graduation he hopes to student teach and eventually land a job as a high school social studies teacher.

Clare Mikulski – Copy

Clare Mikulski is a senior English and political science double major from the western suburbs of Chicago. She loves reading, taking long walks with her dog, and baking sweet potatoes. After graduation she hopes to work in marketing and communications, and hopefully she’ll get another chance to copyedit at some point in the future.
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Anna Moen – Copy

Anna Moen is an English and History double major from Prior Lake, Minnesota. If she has any free time, she enjoys reading science-fiction and fantasy novels, getting coffee with friends, taking long walks, and going swimming in lakes when the weather permits. Recently returned from a semester abroad in New Zealand, her goals in life revolve around trying to find a way back to that beautiful country.

Anna Leikvold – Copy 

Anna is a Sociology / Anthropology major. She loves traveling, writing, drawing and being involved in politics. In her free time Anna enjoys eating frosted animal crackers and watching Community. After she graduates Anna hopes to continue studying Anthropology and become a professor.
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Emma DePaulo Reid – Visual Director

Emma is an English and Classics major from Washington, DC. In her free time she enjoys reading, writing, making art, watching TV and, most importantly, having fun with her close good friends. She is not only committed to making the Manitou Messenger look as beautiful and neat as possible but also making sure that she never passes up the opportunity to make unexpected references to influential works in the Western canon. After school, Emma plans to continue to weather the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune.
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Valerie Darger – Illustrator

Currently an indecisive sophomore, Val contemplates possible majors on the daily. The current plan is Studio Art, and possibly History too! She has always loved to draw and perform and her general artistic interests typically reside within the realm of weird and spooky, as well as childish and fun. She is overjoyed that she can contribute her humble work to the Manitou Messenger this year.

Margaret Lindahl – Illustrator
Margaret Lindahl is a Senior Studio Art and Art History Major. Although museum work is what she foresees in her future, Margaret never passes up an opportunity to promote the Arts in all of their forms. As an avid supporter of all things print/visual culture, Margaret loves The Manitou Messenger & it has challenged her illustrative skills in the best way possible.

Johnny Goodson – Photo Director

Johnny is a junior Political Science major from St. Paul, Minnesota.  When Johnny isn’t taking photos for the Mess he is usually out taking photos for personal use, cheering on the men’s ultimate frisbee team, or tabling for the Mess in Buntrock.

Danny Harrington – Web Editor

Hailing from New Hampshire, Danny is an Environmental Studies major with a concentration in Management Studies. He enjoys rock climbing, hiking, skiing, and a variety of other outdoor activities. Having played music for most of his life, Danny is a part of a recording duo on campus (Danny and Alex), and also dabbles in video production and photography.

Sydney Wagner – Business Manager