Cassidy Neuner – News

Cassidy Neuner, news editor, is a senior from California studying political science and economics. Her only hope for life after St. Olaf is a stable income.


Emma Whitford – Executive

Emma Whitford is a senior political science major with a passion for journalism. This past summer, she spent her days reporting for the Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal and learning how to turn a jar of peanut butter into a week’s worth of meals. Post-grad, she hopes to land a reporting gig on the East Coast.


Katie Jeddeloh – Variety

Variety Editor Katie Jeddeloh is a senior English major with a concentration in Women’s and Gender Studies. In her free time, she enjoys cooking, gardening, reading good books and getting really worked up about politics. She concerns herself academically with feminist, queer and antiracist critical work and hopes to pursue these interests in English graduate school.


Matt Bourque – Copy

Copy editor Matt Bourque is a junior from the small town of South China, Maine. He studies both political science and education at St. Olaf.


Lucy Katter – Copy

Lucy is a sophomore and (most likely) psychology major from Sunnyvale, CA – yes, it’s a real place. In her free time, she enjoys writing, talking and watching movies. She’s not sure about her plans after St. Olaf, but would possibly like to do counseling of some sort.


Clare Mikulski – Copy

Copy editor Clare Mikulski is a junior English and political science major from the western suburbs of Chicago. She loves books, taking long walks and her sweet, sweet dog.  After she graduates, she hopes to work in publishing or pursue a graduate degree.


Anders Mattson – News

News editor Anders Mattson is a junior English and philosophy major with a Film Studies Concentration. While drinking coffee, Anders enjoys reading philosophy and fiction. After graduating, Anders hopes to establish himself as a writer, either at the corporate level or freelance.


Scott Johnson – Business

Scott is a senior and economics major. Scott likes most things American and all things German. He enjoys watching baseball, listening to Sam Cooke, reading history books and seeing old buildings. He can often be found in the Cage with a Cafe au Lait doing anything but homework.


Megan Hussey – Opinions

Megan is a sophomore at St. Olaf coming from the wonderful town of Edina, Minnesota. She hopes to double major in Psychology and Women’s and Gender Studies. In between studying and occasionally sleeping, you can catch her eating espresso chip ice cream in the cage with friends, looking at pictures of her beloved dog, or plotting ways to destroy the patriarchy.


Emma DePaulo Reid – Visual Director

Emma is an English and Classics major from Washington, DC. In her free time, she enjoys collecting books that will end up taking up valuable shelf space in her tiny dorm room and that she will wistfully wish she had time to read during the school year but never follow through on during the summer, and watching the same movies over and over again. After college she plans to simply go where life takes her.


Larissa Banitt – A&E

Larissa Banitt is an English and Women and Gender Studies double major from Portland, Oregon. She enjoys hiking, horseback riding, knitting, and reading books that aren’t assigned for class. When she’s not working on homework or trying to think up nuanced pitches for the opinions section, she is probably singing in the St. Olaf choir, working on her remote internship with Dreaming Big Publications, or drinking something with coffee in it.


Maddie Thies – Copy

Maddie Thies is an international student from Seoul, South Korea and is currently working on a degree in English. Her love for language and culture has fueled a lifelong desire to write and edit diverse works. Having no ties to one place because of a life of traveling, the sky really is the limit for this copy editor!


Danny Harrington – Web Editor

Hailing from New Hampshire, Danny is an Environmental Studies major with a concentration in Management Studies. He enjoys rock climbing, hiking, skiing, and a variety of other outdoor activities. Having played music for most of his life, Danny is a part of a recording duo on campus (Danny and Alex), and also dabbles in video production and graphic design.